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Willow Tree Cat Hotel the luxury stay for cats.

If you are searching for a Cattery near me then you have come to the right place. Based in Lincolnshire Willow Tree Cat Hotel offer Luxury Accommodation.

Double Suite

This Suite is for an individual cat or 2 cats from the same home. It has a bedroom and play area with Cat Trees.

Family Suite

The Family Suite can take 1 – 4 cats from the same home, it has spacious area with special cat trees.

Woodlands Suite

The Woodlands suite is ideal for larger cat families (1 to 6 cats) longer term holidays or whilst you are moving house. The suite has the space, luxury and the outlook for restful and playful time.

Cattery near me

What we offer

Willow Tree Cat Hotel exceeds the CIEH model licencing conditions and guidance for a cat-boarding establishment.  We are fully licenced and regulated by the North Kesteven District Council, who have granted us the highest five star rating in animal welfare.

Our cattery was sourced from Pedigree Pens, the UK’s leading UPVC cattery manufacturer who have over 20 years of experience in designing and building catteries to the highest specification.  All materials are hard-wearing, hygienic and conform to the highest industry guidelines. The whole unit is fully insulated and all suites are individually heated, meaning our residents are warm in winter and cool in summer.

cattery near me

The 9 suites plus an isolation suite are the ultimate in feline accommodation and are meticulously sanitised between guests.  Between each suite is a full height sneeze barrier, half of which is solid and half of which is glass, which allows our residents to either watch what is going on around them, including the other residents, or to retain their privacy within their Suite.

Suites consist of an inside individually heated bedroom, accessible through a door or cat flap from the large airy outer play area.  All our suites can accommodate an individual cat but are sized for at least 2 residents per unit, ensuring spacious accommodation allowing full expression of natural behaviour, and amusement with various beds at different heights as well as a range of toys, climbing trees and scratching posts, to give our guests a positive enrichment during their stay with us.


Cattery in Lincoln
Willow Tree Cat Hotel


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